The Document Solutions Telecoms Division provides systems to businesses not only in the North of England but across the UK.

We work closely with world-class manufacturers to offer a full range of telephony systems that can be tailored to our customer needs and offer a diverse product range from basic phone systems through to multi-feature systems.

The infrastructure that you deploy, how it's managed and maintained can have an impact on your business. It's vital that you work with a company that has the skills and experience to deliver the correct hardware and solution for your organisation. Our Telecoms solutions are designed to be simple but scalable, thereby ensuring flexibility and future-proofing for our customers. We offer a large portfolio of devices and a set of core business applications that together provide our customers with significant advantage over there competitors. These include conferencing, messaging, mobility, wireless and customer interaction solutions.

At Document Solutions, we make technology work for you. We get to know your business, select solutions that best match your requirements and tailor them to fit your business for the future. We also provide our own e-billing service to ensure your telephone bills are provided in the exact way you would like and can provide business calls plus lines packages tailored to meet the specific communications requirements of your business. We offer you a full range of telecommunications services at highly competitive tariffs with no disruption to your business. With Low Cost Routing from Document Solutions, you can also enjoy low cost communications without changing your existing BT line or telephone numbers. We analyse your phone bills to identify calling patterns and re-route your outbound calls through our lower cost carriers which in return deliver significant call savings that go straight to your bottom line and help with your profits. This will put you in complete control of your expenditure and provide you with a full breakdown of your call costs through the service.

There is no set-up fee and no standing charge, you are simply billed on a pence-per-minute basis once the service has been set up which is usually within 7 / 14 working days. Call and enquire today so that we can assist in how to make your company run smoother in all areas.